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Consumer Package 2011

Package Name: Taste of "Ti Kuan Yin"'("Tie Guan Yin" Oolong Tea)


Chinese traditional Culture, recyclable material and graceful design. Chinese traditional culture style symbolizes "Ideal taste with beauty of Ti Kuan Yin" . Surface: Wash painting ornaments a package of "Ti Kuan Yin" oolong tea is the classical Chinese culture; Material: Modern, environment protection, colorful beauty paper which is recyclable; Type: Design of "Run from opposite directions" for the box endues a graceful style.

Package Name: Huxinting Tea Packaging


This design is digging into Chinese elements, tea culture, and eastern garden art.

Package Name: Xiangjiu Liquor Packaging

Company Name: Shenzhen Baixinglong Creative Packaging Co., Ltd.

Based on traditional Chinese elements of "red lanterns and Kirin culture", the creative package is characterized by strong Chinese flavor and the elegant and grand appearance. Red bottleneck is positioned on the top.





Company Name: China National Philatelic Corporation

The Scroll of Eighty-Seven Immortals, measuring 30 centimeters vertically and 292 centimeters horizontally, is an anonymous silk scroll depicting 87 Taoist immortals paying homage to the supreme deity. The picture is considered a representative of China. One of the highlights of this collection lies in the opener of the outer box. The original painting depicts 87 Taoist immortals paying homage to the supreme deity. Therefore, the opening of the outer box adopts a way in which the whole scroll would be gradually shown as one pulls the box. The ideas of design come from the artistic sentiment and ultimate pursuit with thoughts that “Detachment from all worldly things will lead to the discovery of beauty” and “The beauty of nature is beyond words.” The Chinese people attach importance to benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and integrity. They seek self-cultivation and like to portray the beauty of nature while experiencing the soul of mountains and rivers and exploring the truth of nature, life, and art.


Company Name: China National Philatelic Corporation

The Scroll of Eighty-Seven Immortals, measuring 30 centimeters vertically and 292 centimeters horizontally, is an anonymous silk scroll depicting 87 Taoist immortals paying homage to the supreme deity. The picture is considered a representative of China. One of the highlights of this collection lies in the


Package Name: Fiama Di Wills Clear Springs

Company Name: ITC Limted, Packaging & Printing SBU, Chennai- India

Eco-friendly carton. High scuff-resistance water based varnish(Eco-friendly) is used. Hot Foil & Embossing is used in hexagons & brand name to enhance branding. A lot of skin on the pack: Highlights that the soap gives clear and soft skin. Back of the pack highlights the innovation and fact that soap is actually a shower gel frozen to make a soap and hence consumer can experience a shower gel in a soap. Highlights the innovation of shower gel frozen to make a soap and hence the consumer can experience a shower gel in a soap.

Package Name: Nokia 5130 - 2GB Pack

Company Name: ITC Limted, Packaging & Printing SBU, Chennai- India

Designed for ensuring. Along with attractive product,the packaging is complementing it with usage of highly vibrant colours on the box. The micro-fluted structure makes it robust. The customized micro-fluted inserts offer space for all the components in compact manner & avoid usage of plastic moulded/pulp tray. In addition, inner layer is printed in red colour to increase aesthetics of product when opened. The box provides excellent shelf appearance, rigidity & space.

Package Name: Black Dog Centenary Pack

Company Name: ITC Limted, Packaging & Printing SBU, Chennai- India

This revolutionary single-piece carton pack replaced traditional two piece carton which had an high value added outer & a micro-fluted printed inner-fitment giving protective cushioning & holding the bottle. The pack has value additions of embossing, foiling, UV with critical registration creating barrier for duplication. Further it gets laminated to kraft & liner with state-of-the-art micro-fluting, lamination technologies to make it sturdy .The carton is re-engineered with an in-built neck hold (to hold bottle) & inner liner is printed which makes a perfect replacement to a traditional two-piece carton.

Package Name: "Zingo" Multilayer Squeezy Bottle

Company Name: Manjushree Technopack Limited

The material used for the package is a Multilayer structure which is typically, as under considering 1.0mm thickness of the container wall. PP Inner : 220micron Regrind : 460 micron Adhesive : 50 micron EVOH : 60 micron Adhesive : 50 micron PP Outer : 160 micron The multilayer structure ensures excellent stability of the product and ensures higher shelf life.The product is available in 500 g. Adequate care was taken to design the package as per typical Indian Shelf Heights and Depth, such that all the space can be used.The inspiration or rather the need for the bottle was more technical in need than artistic finesse. The bottle had to be produced with precise material configuration at the lowest possible weight to make the package economically viable & environmentally sustainable. The bottle is designed to ensure maximum space utilization within a shipper and subsequently to use over 94% space in a transport vehicle. The Flip Top Cap has a large opening for easy dispensing of the Sauce which has fruit tidbits in it. Colours on the Sleeve were chosen to go with the product theme.

Package Name: Strea a15 Pure Retinol Cream

Company Name: Pragati Pack (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The main/front panel of the Strea Pack is printed on lenticular film to achieve 3 dimensional depth. On one of the panels a start pattern is micro embossed to give a special effect and to provide security to the pack. A thermoformed tray is supplied as a part of the pack. The customer places and locks his product on the provided tray.The brief was to make the carton have immense visual impact and make it extremely tough to counterfeit at the same time. Another request was to make the packing simple and easy. We achieved this by printing the main panel in lenticular film and creating a 3D effect and by using a reflection embossing technique to create a star pattern. A thermoformed tray is attached to the carton to make the packing simple and easy - the product just locks into place on this

Package Name: Black Dog Reserve 18 Years

Company Name: Pragati Pack (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The Black Dog pack has a flip-top design with magnetic locking. The outer wrapper printing is done on Metallised PET with 7 colours. The wrapper is then further embellished with Matt laminated to make box more elegant. In addition foiling and Spot UV makes the box more up market and attractive. The inner flap and sides are printed on metallised pet with online gloss and texture. The holding cavity for the bottle is made with Black Flocked thermoformed material. This further enhances the rich look of the box and a further advantage is the cushioning it provides to the bottle. The brief was to make the box world class and also to ensure that the bottle is safe and can absorb huge shocks. The box has been designed keeping this in mind.

Package Name: ADP HR Kit

Company Name: Pragati Pack (India) Pvt. Ltd.

ADP gifts this box to every new employee. The box has been constructed to have 3 separate layers/portions. The top portion of the box can be removed and the second separation is intact with the box. The third layer of the box can be accessed by pulling the red ribbon. A special numbered lock is provided to provide secure access to the box. The box is made with 2.25 or 1500 GSM hard board. A printed 150 GSM matt laminated chromo paper is wrapped around the box. Some uncoated papers are also used for the production of this box. The entire box is packed in a corrugated box.The design brief was to make the box appealing and for it to have a long term likeability or usage as the employee will need to want to retain it for a long time. The initial impact is very important for this box. Also the number lock adds a very personal touch to the project.



A colorful and fun design for kids and teens are specially made with this unique multi-stacking box to attract them to buy and eat more doughnuts. They can buy only one or two doughnuts which are packed in individual box so that the mess will not happen. At last we can sell faster, cleaner, and less messy.

Package Name: TREASURE-X BOX


The chocolates in the form of gold coins and silver coins are packed in a unique packaging which has two openings for fun application if they open one side (Labeled).Water based varnished, printed ivory board 260 gsm is used for this purpose.Treasure-X Box offers an ultimate pleasure to kids who love chocolates.

Package Name: AQUA REFLECTION: Premium Glass Bottle

Company Name: DANONE AQUA

For this first edition, AQUA collaborates with Sebastian Gunawan, one of Indonesia. As part of living healthy life-style, drinking water becomes new trend in Indonesia. Including the highend consumers, who also need a product that can reflect who they are.


Company Name: PT. KARTIKA NAYA

Souvenir box to carry fish, each box can be connected and locked to another with the maximum of 3 boxes for one stack. No glue needed to assemble and definitely safe for food.

Package Name: PIZZA BOX

Company Name: PT. KARTIKA NAYA

A simple package of hexagonal outer box pizza with six slice boxes inside. Easy to be carried unexposed by heat because of its hand holder. No glue needed to assemble and definitely safe for food.



Various types of packaging drugs in dosage forms syrup now been widely circulated on the market and have been known in general, in bottles or sachets. Packaging tube for cough syrup is an alternative technology that is more practical for consumers because it is practical, easy to carry anywhere, and consumed by a single dose allowed.The material used is consist of sealing layer for branding, and thermoformed material like PVC/PE.Various types of packaging in the form of cough syrup preparations have now been widely circulated on the market and have been known in general, in bottles or sachets. But over time, consumers will have difficulty if you have to bring bottled. While the packaging sachets only appear with monotonous form, only a rectangular course. That requires a more attractive package in terms of looks but still consider the aspects of convenience, practicality to carry anywhere. Consider these things, eventually developed packaging with a more varied and more nice views exceed expectations that can be made by packaging sachet which only rely on printed or graphic, that is to pack cough syrup with THERMOFORMING technology. Thermoforming process allows to create forms that varied mini packs as desired by using a mold.

Package Name: SUKAMIE (Noodles PacK)


- Hygienic and heat resistant microwaveable material. - Chop stick as a handle Sukamie is a fast food packaging innovation that is devoted to fried noodles with heat resistant paper material and more hygenic, replacing the packaging material which previosly existence in the moment G foam, ice foam and plastic. The chopstic attached to it and may become a handle the noodle pack.




Innovation - For delivery, packaging can be flaten - When pulled the food would be lifted upwards from Hotban - Users can spend their food until he left without having to use tools such as spoons and others.




Stapack is a new breakthrough innovation on fast food packaging. especilly for the take away packaging. Stapack has unique characteristics, adopt and modify the terms of which tupperware the function be applied to paper that can be easily folded to save in terms of storage space. using stapack only need to enter into the fold of the wing box stapack other side until it locks from every pile stapack composed only need one handle for lifting and ready to take them wherever.

Package Name: Universal Design Sprayer

Company Name: Canyon Corporation

This is the very first marriage of a universal design and a trigger sprayer.It has a brand new shape that has never been seen before and consumers unconsciously pick it up in shops because of its eye-catching design. It is also easy to grip as its ease of use has been maximized by basing it on an ergonomics database. It is designed so that individual consumers can hold and use it comfortably in whatever way best suits them.



Turning the cap, after a click sound, the button can be turned on/off - activating it only at the moment of use. That prevents trigger the spray when you carry in a bag. The visual combines colored stripes and dots to express the freshness and the powder inside the product.A deodorant that you can use anywhere with a visual that express fresh feeling. The concave part of the cap was designed to guarantee a good grip when the button is turned on/off. The dryness of the product "powder deodorant spray" are represented by the can's matte finish.

Package Name: Sustainable package for Sony notebook VAIO S

Company Name: Sony Corporation

The document box is designed so it can be placed beautifully in the bookshelf.We made this by designing user friendly structure parts which is easily break down and refold for recycling or can be placed beautifully in the shelf. In this way, customers are encouraged to recycle the parts or can keep it at home instead of disposing.

Package Name: Multi Layered Label "YOMELDAR V3/V5"

Company Name: KYODO SHIKO CO., LTD.

Perforating and folding processes are followed by an ordinary offset printing process. Once attached on the bottle, the label shows its layers. While meeting customers' needs of small lot, short lead time and low cost, this multilayered label drastically increased its display surface. The label can be attached by a standard glue labeler.

Package Name: OCTA-CAPTURE UA-1010

Company Name: Dynapac Co., Ltd.

Packing materials to show an effect in many respects including transportation efficiency, the recycling work-related by the structure body which developed the general-purpose corrugated cardboard buffer material shape greatly resource saving. Versatile corrugated cushioning was further developed into these two innovative pads. The bottom pad can be folded up, very easy-to-assemble with reduced number of packing processes. The top pad requires two-stage assembly, during which many accessories are fixed. The whole package features material saving, enhancing work efficiency, recycability etc.

Package Name: Maru-Mu


This is a new product called “”Maru-MU’ Mutenka Miso”, One bIg Chinese character, ‘Mu’ (Meaning without in English) appears at the center in such a way viewers can recognize that it is an additive-free miso product at a first sight. The packages of the five types of the ‘Maru-Mu” series differ from one another in the colors of the grains and that of the backgrounds representing each flavor and feature.



The make-up theme,” ‘Dolly Bird’ affecting Swingin’ London” It winks at you when you tilt the item at an angle.

Package Name: Nature & Co LIP ESSENCE


The cute graphic design of container is filled with the worldview of brands that is a delight to carry. Natural and environment friendly paper material is selected for the outer wrapping in consideration to eco. The composition is devised so that the contents cannot be taken out before purchase although the container design can be seen on display



- Nutrition on Immune GlobulinA Protective Material (WHO report) - Separated Entrance and Exit ; Virus and Germ Free WHO reported that polyethylene (PE) absorbs 60% of immune globulinA nutrition, which means other breast milk storage bags made from PE cannot preserve immune globulin. But we use immune globulinA protective material. Also, our breast-milk storage pack has separated entrance and exit to prevent inflowing of virus and germ from fingers. Like other breast-milk storage packs, if you put breast-milk into pack and exit from the same zipper touched by fingers, as you open the zipper to put breast-milk in, close the zipper and open it again to pour breast-milk. Touching the zipper many times, you remain lots of germs at the zipper, which causes diseases to your baby.New, easy and functional design. Perforated line, wings at the zipper - easy to open. The hook and hole - easy to store (hang on the wall)

Package Name:Pen Injection

Company Name:Daewoong Pharnaceutical Co., Ltd

-Different from other disposable syringes in the Korean market, this uniquely designed pen-type syringe is a safe and easy to use with a simple assemble that contains injection solution an internal 

 compartment inside the pen.Simple to the method of administration, Patience themselves can be safely self inject. Dose adjustment is easy cause by dial type, reset button.

Package Name:Imperial 19 Quantum


.We have taken out some components of previous cap to ut down production costs while giving it more stylish look and to be more environment-aware. RFIDchip adherence is improved to have detecting errors. The frame decoration is the industry's first attempt of UV adhesion of glass and plastic. The irregular front facet is a highly recognizable design elements. Its unique and dynamic diamond cut expresses modern ubersexusl, stylish maleness. Modern style cap design adds ultra modern look and the study frame decoration around the glass bottle, usually used for electric device, adds this bottle design ultra modern and technical look. 


Package Name: OWL Kopitiam Roast

Company Name: Owl International Pte Ltd.

With over 55 years of experience in the coffee industry, OWL International has survived the many trails and challenges in the ever changing coffee market. In 2010, the company made the decision to grow OWL from an ordinary household brand to becoming a significant player in the market by doing a rebranding exercise. The new design of OWL. The Instant Coffee powder is packed into sachets made of Aluminium foil to protect its freshness and aroma. The sachets are then packed into Outerbag made of Matte finish Oriented Polypropylene Film. In honor of our Straits Asian coffee shop culture, we have created a new range of products called.

Package Name: Eu Yan Sang Bird's Nest  Mother's Day Gift Box

Company Name: Gothic Design

The objective of this design is to package a selection of premium Bird. Parent plays an important role to the family. One of the basic effort they would do is to provide children with a warm & lovely home. Based on the home concept, we developed the gift box into a house-like shape. The PVC window represents the window of the house with its function to show the product within. The structure of the packaging is strengthened to allow the capacity of the bottles. The packaging which has family watermark carries a cheerful feeling and illustrates happy moments of the family. The canister packaging suggests a harmonious mood and expresses gratitude towards mothers in this special day. The special outlook of the packaging aims to make client.

Package Name: Guinness Plum Blossom CNY Box

Company Name: Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd

The Plum Blossom CNY Box adopts the shape of the Plum Blossom, a symbolic flower of the Spring Festival. The cover is printed in gold with an auspicious greeting which makes the box an appropriate festive gift. The box is intended for reusing as a six-compartment candy box. As the name implies, the Plum Blossom CNY Box adopts the shape of the Plum Blossom, a flower that blossoms during late winter and early spring, usually in January and February that coincides with the Spring Festival, that is, Chinese New Year. As the flower blossoms through winter, it is a symbol of perseverance. Thus, it is considered a blessing to present this box to families and friends during the festival. The box holds six cans of Guinness Stout, held in place by an insert. When the cans and the insert are removed, the box can be reused as a six-compartment candy box, a common utensil for the Chinese used during the festival to serve tidbits to visiting friends. Reusing of the box is an effort towards environment friendly packaging. Chipboard is used in the construction of the box for two main reasons. The first is to maintain the curves and the rigidity of the plum blossom shaped sides of the box. It would not be possible to construct a viable box with curved wall using paperboard alone as the L-shaped joint between the wall and the base of the box would not provide sufficient holding force. Secondly, it is to improve the durability of the box as the hardness of the chipboard could prolong its useful life.

Package Name: 8th Packaging Seminar Invitation Box

Company Name: Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd

The 8th Packaging Seminar Invitation Box is a showcase of innovation. The box structure comprises a pop-up mechanism, the graphics design shows a “Productivity Tree”, special printing effects involving UV printing techniques is employed and most importantly the box can be reused as a coin bank. This box serves as the invitation card for the 8th Packaging Seminar. The theme of the event is “Productivity and Innovation” and the invitation box strives to incorporate these values in its design. The main icon of the graphics design is the “Productivity Tree” which depicts a man with a team of co-workers as his branches symbolizing multi-tasking and teamwork. The reflection of the “Productivity Tree” transform into a bulb which symbolizes innovation. The top of the box has a pop-up mechanism with the intention to give the user a surprise when opening the top for the first time. The pop-up flaps have hot air balloons printed, adding a celebrative mood to the event and they also provide the illusion of balloons taking off when opening the top.  Unlike the normal box where the opening is at the top, this box has to be opened from the base as the top has a pop-up mechanism. The invitation box is designed with the intention of reusing it as a coin box as an effort to prolong its useful life.



Company Name: Kent Display (PVT) Ltd.

This display box was developed to securely display two canisters of loose tea, placed in air tight containers. The brand name is hot foil printed on the lid. To signify the origin of the tea, pictures of animals of Sri Lanka is depicted on the lid of the box. This box is made out of MDF board. The exterior and interior has been lined with velvet. The lid top and box bottom have been tastefully painted to enhance attractiveness. This box was developed as the client wanted to move away from the conventional tea presentation box. An ideal gift item, which could be used to store small trinkets once the products are consumed. All materials used in the production are environmental friendly.


Company Name: Kent Display (PVT) Ltd.

The box was developed to display and carry a bottle of liquor-securely. The brand name could be hot foil printed or screen printed on the lid. The box is held together with a magnetic lock. The box is made out of a combination MDF and corrugated board. The box exterior is laminated with purpose made lamination paper.The box stands out from the conventional liquor packaging. The product was developed exclusively for the export market. All materials used in the production are environmental friendly. The innovative gift box was designed by us to meet the exacting standards required by the client. This gift box won Lanka Star Gold in 2010

Package Name: QUICK PEEL


- Although peel off foil containers are slightly more expensive than existing Easy-Open- End cans. - A combination of flexible aluminium or plastic laminated foil fused onto a lacquered metal can closure ring. - The ring material substrate is manufactured from either aluminium or tin free steel. - Due to our new concept to produce the easy, safe, and beautiful products for the customers to be able to open the lid. Furthermore, we would like to send the massage to the new generation and those who not familiar with Thai culture, therefore, we feature the beautifully pictures.



The packages are contained Thai traditional folk toys. The cylinder structure and the open format are inspired from Thai traditional packaging which based on triangle form. The symmetry graphic on packaging.



Company Name: Pornthip (Phuket) Co., Ltd.

We Pornthip. As a souvenir shop in Phuket. The idea of making the sea animals.12 model for the deposit. The box has been designed GIFT SET can be packed box of 12 different species in a single package.Due to the large box. Is designed to be folded into the bag with handle. For the convenience of the customer to hold. And can be unfolded.To show by adding features behind the scenes, popup, and the outer side of the REUSED seen the children playing.The scene with the sea animals. Makes good use of the box.Save space. The box can be folded in half for easy carrying. Show the product and can be unfolded in all 12 pieces.The outer box can be used to show. The popup behind the scenes as a child can play with the animals in the water.Knowledge about marine animals.In the back of the box with the animals.



Company Name: Pornthip (Phuket) Co., Ltd.

The gift set Sino - Portuguese. Designed by the identity. And local knowledge of Phuket. Food and rare native of Phuket. The ancient building was the Sino - Portuguese. To enhance the value of a Creative Economy.By the shape of the building to me is the application of the packaging and to design and detail. Onto the paper.Phuket is a parts containing various local snacks. The box set gift set that includes designing, building and selling many different combinations. There is a small town atmosphere by adding a popup image Phuket baba dress and the car body.Easy to handle. And encourage them to buy multiple items.Cars can be reused to create the atmosphere of a small town around. The box can be used in a variety of applications.As a model. It also provides knowledge about the local sweets. And building the Sino - Portuguese gift set, and on the back of the packaging.



Company Name: GOD SPEED CO.,LTD.

A stylistic package for a pair of shorts used as sportwear or underpants is made from corrugated paper. The package is in the form of a rocket capsule depicting on active lifestyle. The capsule can be detached easily from its holder, and the cap removed conveniently to take out the product.The packaging is made from single wall corrugated board with mono-colour printing. All of this material may be recycled in order to protect the environment.Packaging of the spotwear in a rocket capsule reflects a dynamic life and a futuristic outlook.


Package Name: Japan Melon


The packaging consists of a box with a bottom support to hold the melon. Both the box and support are constructed from corrugated paper. On the outside a string of straw is used to secure the box and for decoration.Packaging box and support inside are made from corrugated paper, outside printed in 3 colors. String used to tie the box is made of straw. All of thIs material may be recycled to protect the environment.The packaging is designed to enhance the value and appearance of the product inside, making it suitable for presentation as a gift item.