Mr. Hajime Furuya
General Managing Director

Japan Packaging Institute (JPI)
10F, Togeki Bldg., 4-1-1,
Tsukiji 4 Chome, Chou-ku,
Tokyo 104-0045, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3543 1189 , F: +81-3-3543 8970
Email: furuya@jpi.or.jp

Organizational Structure:

President: Mr. Naoki ADACHI (President of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.)
Vice President: Mr. Koichi IKEDA (Chairman of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)
Vice President: Mr. Kiyoshi OTSUBO (President of Rengo Co., Ltd.)


Year of Establishment: 1963
Functions of Organization
1.Research and Consultation
2.Domestic Business (Education, Training Course, Conference, Publication)
3.International Business (Technical Cooperation, Training etc)
4.Exhibition (Exhibition, International Conference, etc.)

With the doctrine of “Challenging the future of packaging by means of originality and ingenuity”, the juridical foundation, Japan Packaging Institute, has been promoting the rationalization of production and distribution as well as consumption through improvement and elevation of the packaging technique and thereby contributing to the progress of Japan’s economy.

The results of such efforts range broad from the investigation and research of packaging to the preparation and formulation of standards, the holding of study meetings, seminars, assemblies, symposiums, etc., and the fostering of capable packaging specialists, the sending and acceptance of observation groups to and from overseas and so forth. All of these results have highly been evaluated in various industries.

It is expected that the internationalization of Japan’s economy will more and more be enhanced and packages of better quality and lower costs will become important in all stages including distribution. At the same time, such specialists as may be able to consider the problem of packaging based on all fields of enterprise management, distribution and production will be essential to settle the above-mentioned problems.

JPI members: 1,300 Companies