The Asian Packaging Federation, a non-profit organisation established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1967, unites the packaging interests of all trade and industries in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, under one co-operative umbrella.


The objective of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) is to enhance cross country co-operation among all packaging-related bodies, covering a gamut of subjects like training and education, package development, environmental aspects as well as laws and regulations. The APF Secretariat rotates among the member countries and is currently situated in Thailand

APF Activties

  • Conducts residential / non-residential training programme on ‘Principles of Packaging’ in different parts of the Asian region for the benefit of the APF member countries.

  • Publishes e-news bulletin of Asian Packaging Federation on a quarterly basis.

  • Participates in various international exhibitions for the promotion of the activities of APF.

  • Participates in different international workshops on packaging to disseminate knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in packaging.

  • Participates in the meeting of World Packaging Organisation (WPO) in order to maintain international linkage with the world packaging community.

  • Asian Packaging Federation has annual board meeting and general assembly meeting in a rotational manner to discuss various issues, activities etc., for the growth and promotion of packaging industry in the Asian region.


Extend a warm welcome to our newly appointed office bearers

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